WHAT we do

re:Write is an executive writing and strategic communications consulting firm helping businesses and non-profits take all their written materials to the most effective level—and keep them there.

Today, businesses need enormous amounts of what is (regrettably) called “content”:  not just newsletters and annual reports, but website copy, blogs, email blasts, texts, press releases, speeches, corporate videos, podcasts, bios, and articles that then need to be tweeted, pinned, or posted.  We keep hearing “content is king,” but the emperor has no clothes!  With the exception of companies spending millions of dollars for slick, Madison Avenue campaigns, much of what we see on the Internet is, at best, uninspired (boring!) and at worst, grammatically incorrect, sloppy, or factually inaccurate (the fastest way to lose credibility… and customers). Each of these things (a blog post, a tweet, the bio on your website) lumped under this bland heading “content” is actually a vital opportunity to tell your story. If you’re missing it, you’re missing an opportunity to grow your business.

OUR business is to tell the story of YOUR business in a way that your customers or audience can understand and relate to… so that you can be successful.

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